Black Student Union




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We, the members of the BLACK STUDENT UNION at the College of Charleston, in order to form unification within the African-American community, other minority organizations, all collegiate organizations and the rest of the College, establish these goals of the organization. Along with these objectives, we agree to promote tranquility, attempt to establish an understanding of the African American culture and extend open arms to all students, faculty and staff of all ethnic backgrounds. Overall, we the members of THE BLACK STUDENT UNION will strive to fulfill the missions and goals of this organization, in order to uplift the minorities on the College of Charleston campus as well as in the community. The purpose of THE BLACK STUDENT UNION is as follows:

*To serve as a safe haven for the minority students.
*To ease the transition from the diverse backgrounds of minority students to life on a predominately Caucasian campus.
*To serve as a networking vessel for minority students to maintain a community base necessary to succeed here at the College of Charleston
*To foster diversity on the College of Charleston campus by designing, promoting, and carrying out social and educational events.
*To uplift the minority student through the celebration and acknowledgment of our differences as well as the recognition and embrace of the common bond shared of all human kind.

**The primary goal of THE BLACK STUDENT UNION is to ensure that each and every minority student desired to attain higher education at the College of Charleston is successful in their pursuit.**

-BLACK STUDENT UNION PREAMBLE